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August 2011 Archives

Aggravated Assault Charges Dismissed in Reading, PA Stabbing Case

Last week attarney Liz Ebner represented a client at a preliminary hearing on allegations that she stabbed her boyfriend with a knife. The client was charged with felony Aggravated Assault and faced a deadly weapons enhancement. She had been jailed on $75,000 secured bail.
In the end attarney Ebner was able to win a reduction in charges from the felony aggravated assault to a misdemeanor simple assault and an agreement to a bail reduction allowing for the release of the client from Berks County Prison.
If you or someone you love is charged with felony offenses in Berks County, PA you need a skilled advocate on your side. We offer free consultations in criminal cases. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Expungement Granted in Berks County Simple Assault Case

I recently obtained an expungement for a client who had previously charged with Simple Assault and Harassment for an alleged incident in Reading, PA. His charges had been dismissed over a year ago at the time of the preliminary hearing but still appeared on his record. When potential employers ran background checks the charges would appear causing him to lose out on job opportunities.

Probation in Lancaster, PA Burglary Case

Today I was able to secure a probationary sentence for a client originally charged with burglarizing a home in Lancaster County, PA. Fortunately, I was able to negotiate a plea to the lesser offenses of Criminal Trespass and Simple Assault. The original Burglary charge carried with it an offense gravity score (OGS) of 9 due to the fact that a person was present in the home during the commission of the offense. The Criminal Trespass my client pled to has an OGS of 4. The difference between the offenses when it comes to the sentencing guidelines is enormous. Simply put, this client would have been looking at a state sentence starting at 12 to 24 months with a conviction of an OGS 9 Burglary.

No Points on CDL Driver's License in PA Turnpike Speeding case

Today I represented a CDL driver who had been clocked at 17 mph over the speed limit in a work zone in on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Berks County. Under Title 75, the Pennsylvania vehicle code, he could have faced an automatic 15 day suspension based on the work zone violation.

Not Guilty Verdict in Berks County Harassment Case

Today attarney Liz Ebner won a not guilty verdict for a client in a summary Harassment case in a Berks County District Court. The allegations made involved unwanted touching of a sexual nature. Fortunately, Liz was able to secure her client's acquittal through skilled cross-examination and legal argument.

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