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November 2015 Archives

Client Avoids Jail Time in Traffic Case

Attorney Ryan W. McAllister recently represented a young man who was charged with 75 Pa.C.S.A. 1543(a), Driving on a Suspended License. Our client had several prior convictions under this offense, and, as a result, he was facing mandatory jail time. In this case, our client had his license suspended as a juvenile, and he had repeatedly gotten into trouble with the authorities, which resulted in additional license suspensions. This all occurred well before our client was 18 years old. Now, our client was in his twenties, and he was gainfully employed, earning money and providing for his girlfriend and her young daughter. He was still, however, paying the price for his misdeeds in his youth by not being eligible to get his license.

Not Guilty Verdict in Reading PA Robbery and Aggravated Assault Case

Attorney Dan Nevins won a full jury acquittal this week in the Berks County Court of Common Pleas. Our client had been charged with 25 counts including multiple counts of Felony 1 Robbery and Aggravated Assault involving a shooting that occurred in West Reading, PA. The allegations were that our client and a Co-Defendant made an attempt to rob a drug buyer at gunpoint. Subsequent to the attempted robbery our client was alleged to have Hindered the Apprehension of another, which itself was a separate felony case.
At the end of the Commonwealth's testimony Attorney Nevins won a Judgment of Acquittal on 13 of the charges and the remaining 12 went forward to the Jury. During closing argument Attorney Nevins successfully argued that the Commonwealth's complaining witness lacked any credibility due to his own inconsistent statements and criminal charges. The jury came back with a not guilty verdict on all remaining counts within 40 minutes of being sworn in. Our client had been facing over a 100 year maximum possible penalty if convicted. 

Berks County DUI Diversionary Programs

Berks County DUI Diversionary Programs

Berks County Drug Treatment Court

There has been a nationwide movement towards utilizing treatment courts instead of incarceration for drug addicts who have been charged with crimes motivated by addiction. The goal of the Berks County Drug Treatment Court is to address the underlying addiction which led to the commission of the crime. The program is split into 4 phases and takes, at a minimum, 18 months to complete. Participants must submit to drug tests, comply with treatment requirements, check-in with probation officers and attend Drug Treatment Court meetings. Participants must, in general, be Berks County residents and non-violent offenders. Typically, participants have been charged with offenses that call for sentences of state incarceration. Completion of the Berks County Drug Treatment Court program can lead to a probationary sentence instead of a jail sentence. In certain cases, completion of the Drug Treatment Court can lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. Offenders who have been charged with probation or parole violations may also be eligible for the program. The Drug Treatment Court program is very strict and mistakes can lead to the denial of an application or removal from the program. It's important that you have a knowledgeable Berks County criminal attorney on your side to help you with the process.

Berks County Veteran's Court

If you are a veteran who has been charged with a crime and suffers from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, drug addiction or mental illness as a result of your service, you may be eligible for the Berks County Veteran's Treatment Court. The goal of the Berks County Veteran's Court is to provide veterans with an alternative to incarceration while working on the underlying conditions which have led to the criminal conduct. There are requirements for admission such as honorable discharge and being a combat veteran. Each case is evaluated by the Veteran's Court team for admission. The Veteran's Health Administration is also involved in the administration of the Berks County Veteran's Court. The Veteran's Court program last 12-22 months and participants move through 4 phases of treatment. Most phases require attendance at bi-weekly Veteran's Treatment Court meetings. All phases require sobriety, drug testing, attendance at VA appointments and counseling.

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