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August 2016 Archives

Spotlight Issue: Driver's License Suspensions

It may be common knowledge that there is a driver's license suspension associated with a DUI charge, but did you know there is also a mandatory driver's license suspension for an underage drinking conviction even if a car was not involved in the commission of the crime? A number of crimes in Pennsylvania have mandated license suspension penalties. This means that the consequences of pleading guilty to these crimes extend beyond just paying a fine. There are also suspensions associated with failing to meet your financial obligations. Here is a list of criminal offenses and obligations that carry a suspension:

Spotlight Issue: What happens after I've been arrested for a DUI in Berks County?

Your first court appearance in Berks County after your arrest will be your Preliminary Arraignment. This is a time when you go in front of a Berks County Magisterial District Judge, are informed of the charges against you and your bail is set. If you've never been charged with a crime before then your bail will probably be set at ROR (released on your own recognizance) or an unsecured amount (no money needs to be paid to remain out of jail). You will also be given a date for your Preliminary Hearing. It is very important that you have an attorney with you for your Preliminary Hearing so it is in your best interest to contact our experienced DUI attorneys as soon as you are informed of your Preliminary Hearing date.

ENM Law News: "Not guilty" verdict in Simple Assault trial

A recent client was facing a severe sentence for a Simple Assault charge in Reading, PA. This client was on state parole at the time of the alleged offense and was facing a guaranteed return to state prison if convicted. The complainant told police that our client came over to her house and struck and bit her. Our client said that the woman attacked him with a knife following an argument and he defended himself. After consultation with Attorney Nevins, our client decided to proceed with a trial and elected to have the case heard by a judge rather than a jury. When all of the evidence was presented before the Berks County judge by Attorney Nevins, the judge found our client "not guilty" and the charges were dismissed.

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