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June 2011 Archives

DUI Second Time Offender Program in Berks County PA

This morning I represented a client charged with a second offense DUI in Reading, PA. Under Pennsylvania's DUI sentencing law an individual charged with a second DUI within ten years faces a 90 day mandatory prison sentence if the BAC at the time of the DUI was above a .16. In Berks County a special program, known commonly as STOP, has been created for the benefit and rehabilitation of offenders.

Plea Agreement reached in Berks County, PA Stabbing Case

Today, I finalized a plea deal in an Aggravated Assault case where my client allegedly stabbed a man following a fracas outside a Berks County party last September. The case was originally filed as an Attempted Homicide, but I was able to negotiate for the withdrawal of that charge. In the end my client received a sentence of two to four years on the charge of Aggravated Assault as a Felony of the Second Degree. In addition, he received a total of 5 years probation in two unrelated cases.

Client Avoids 6 Month License Suspension in Racing on Highways Case

Today I (attarney Dan Nevins) represented a client charged with Racing on Highways a violation of Section 3367 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code for an incident occurring on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. This particular charge carries with it an automatic 6 month suspension of operating privileges if convicted. In addition, he was charged with a violation of section 3353 of the vehicle code - Prohibitions in Specified Places. The allegations were that the motorist was stopping dead on the turnpike and then basically drag racing with another vehicle or vehicles. Based on the specific circumstances and in light of the potential license suspension my client elected to plead not guilty and requested a hearing.
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Reading PA Robbery Case withdrawn by District attarney's Office through the efforts of attarney Liz Ebner

Recently, attarney Liz Ebner represented a client charged with a gun point robbery in Berks County. Obviously, this very serious allegation could lead to many years in state prison for our client. Doubting the veracity of the eyewitness testimony attarney Ebner sought the assistance of a private investigator - retired Reading Police Detective Jeff Reichert. Mr. Reichert and Ms. Ebner were able to discover exculpatory evidence which led the District attarney's Office to reexamine the case.

ARD for Simple Assault Case in Berks County PA

This morning I represented a young man who was allegedly involved in a domestic altercation in Berks County PA. Fortunately, given the circumstances, I was able to secure for him an ARD disposition.
ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) is a special program for first time offenders. By participating in this program individuals can earn an dismissal of their criminal charges as well as an expungement of the record. Additionally, there is no admission or finding of guilt - you are simply asking the court for the opportunity to earn a dismissal of the case. Typically, you will also be asked to perform community service and perhaps participate in treatment or classes, depending on the allegations.zorb balls

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