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February 2018 Archives

ENM Law News: Successful Juvenile Court Outcome

The mother of a juvenile charged with Receiving Stolen Property and Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana came to ENM Law for help with her son's case after years of representation by other attorneys. This juvenile had been given a consent decree (basically ARD for juveniles), but was continually violating his supervision by failing drug tests and was in and out of juvenile placements for over 18 months. While in placement, he was prescribed medications for mental illness. He was compliant with those medications while at the juvenile placement and continued to take them after he was released awaiting a violation hearing. However, at that violation hearing he was taken into custody again and was not given any of the mental health medications during the 60 days that he was incarcerated. It was at this point that Attorney Ebner stepped in to represent the juvenile. After hearing Attorney Ebner's arguments on behalf of her client, the juvenile judge found that the client was not in willful violation of his supervision because the client had been denied his necessary medication during his 60 day incarceration.

ENM Law News: Unemployment compensation appeal win

After being terminated from a job and denied unemployment compensation, a recent client came to ENM Law for advice. The client's former employer reported that the client didn't follow proper procedures for calling off of work and eventually quit. Our client denied these claims of wilful misconduct. Attorney McAllister filed an appeal of the denial of compensation before the 15 day appeal period expired and the matter was scheduled for a hearing in front of an Unemployment Compensation Appeal Referee. This hearing was the client's only chance to present evidence to the Referee to establish why the denial of compensation should be reversed. A hearing often includes presenting witnesses and documents to support the request for reversal. Here, Attorney McAllister helped his client testify about the relevant evidence and the Referee reversed the decision.

Spotlight Issue: Unemployment compensation hearings

If you've been fired from your job in Berks County, PA, what should be your first step to secure a source of income? You must file for unemployment compensation. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you will receive payments.

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