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How do breath tests compare to blood tests?

Pennsylvania law enforcement officers use several different methods to determine whether a driver is operating a vehicle while intoxicated, including roadside breath tests. These small devices measure drivers’ blood alcohol content level; however, studies show that...

Breath alcohol tests – An overview

When law enforcement officers suspect people of drinking and driving, they may ask them to submit to breath alcohol tests. Drivers’ performance on these tests may contribute to their arrests, as well as provide evidence of their alleged intoxication at trial....

4 requirements for a legal sobriety checkpoint

Few things can ruin an otherwise epic night on the town faster than seeing flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. After all, a DUI arrest can cost you a considerable amount. While roadside stops are a common way to catch drunk drivers, officers in Pennsylvania also...

Depression and the divorce process

We know that the financial toll of divorce is very hard for some people, such as those who lose a significant amount of their assets due to property division and parents who are not able to spend very much time with their kids due to an unfavorable custody decision....



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