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July 2010 Archives

DUI ARD in Berks County, PA (Reading, PA)

If you are a first time offender charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Berks County, PA you may be eligible for a special program known as ARD. In this post I'll briefly explain the eligibility requirements as well as the benefits of the program. As with any legal issue I advise that you contact an attarney to discuss the specifics of your case.

Smiles in the Courtroom

Our attarneys are typically involved in contested courtroom proceedings. Whether its a Motion to Suppress Evidence for a DUI Arrest or Drug Charge, a Criminal Jury Trial or a heated Child Custody case we are used to adversarial hearings against other skilled Berks County attarneys. That's what made yesterday afternoon's hearing unique and refreshing.

Retail Theft Grading / 2 Years Probation Knocked Down To $300 Fine

Two weeks ago I (attarney Ryan W. McAllister) had a sentencing hearing for a client I represented in a Retail Theft case. The case had been dragging on since January of 2010. My client, who was accused of taking a $15 item from a Berks County department store, had agreed to plead guilty to 1 count of Retail Theft. The initial offer from the district attarney was 2 years of probation since this was alleged to be a second offense for my client, and the charge was graded as a Misdemeanor of the 2nd Degree. According to the district attarney's records, my client was arrested and convicted of a Retail Theft back in the mid-80′s in another county in Pennsylvania.

Berks County attarneys Annual Softball Game

Yesterday afternoon I, along with attarney Ryan McAllister and our law clerk, Joe Blackburn participated in the annul Berks County Bar Association Softball Game. Despite the blistering temperatures it was a great chance to socialize with other Berks County Lawyers and Judges. The team featuring the Young attarneys prevailed in the end capturing the newly dubbed "President Judge's Cup." But the biggest victory of all was that no one was seriously injured!

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