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Gun and Drug Charges dismissed at Preliminary Hearing in Reading, PA

by | Jan 23, 2012 | Criminal Law |

Last Friday Attorney Liz Ebner won a dismissal of a felony firearm charge as well as multiple drug counts at a Preliminary Hearing in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her client had initially been charged with Persons not to Possess a Firearm, a serious offense which would also have led to a 5 year mandatory prison sentence in conjunction with the Drug Delivery charges. After a contested hearing the District Judge ruled that the Commonwealth failed to meet its burden and dismissed the gun charge as well as several of the narcotics offenses. Liz’s hard work and advocacy on Friday saved her client from what surely would have been a lengthy state prison sentence.

Mandatory sentencing laws in Pennsylvania are strict, especially when it comes to the Gun/ Drug mandatory and other school zone or weight mandatories. If you are charged with a Berks County narcotics offense and/or firearms offense you need an experienced advocate. Call our Reading, Pennsylvania law office today for a no cost consultation.



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