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Consent Decree for Client in another Juvenile Robbery Case

by | Aug 9, 2012 | Criminal Law |

Today I was able to secure a consent decree for a 13 year old client that had been charged in a Reading, PA Robbery. A Consent Decree is a way in which a Juvenile may earn the right to clear his record through supervision and community service. In this particular case we had an uphill battle due to the serious nature of the offense. Fortunately, the young man now has the opportunity to avoid a felony record and a juvenile placement facility.

I have successfuly represented hundreds of Berks County Youth in Juvenile Court. I firmly believe that if you have a child facing criminal charges you need an attarney that not only practices criminal defense, but is also well versed in the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act and familiar with all the local procedures. Call our office today to schedule a free first time consultation.



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