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Dealing with a lack of trust during marriage and divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Family Law | 0 comments

Couples may struggle with a number of problems during the marriage, from a disagreement over relatively minor issues to serious conflicts as a result of infidelity or domestic violence. However, many married couples struggle with a lack of trust, which may create problems during their marriage and during the divorce process too. If you have a lack of trust for your spouse or your spouse does not trust you, this could cause your marriage to break down and it could also create complications during the divorce process.

Sometimes, mistrust is the result of past behavior, while some people are married to compulsive liars. This can make the divorce process tricky, especially when it comes to critical issues such as a dispute involving child custody or finances. If your spouse is falsely accusing you of wrongdoing and these claims could impact your ability to secure custody or adversely affect the outcome of your divorce in some other manner, it is crucial to be prepared to defend yourself against the claims. Likewise, if you do not trust your spouse and are worried about their parenting abilities or some other serious matter, you may need to prepare accordingly and bring these concerns to the court’s attention.

Sometimes, mistrust can be the root of a divorce. When couples face these problems, they may not be able to work together during their divorce and the end of a marriage can be especially complicated and emotional. Every couple faces unique challenges when it comes to the divorce process, but preparation is always beneficial and there are a number of issues you may need to examine.



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