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What is an occupational limited license?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | DUI | 0 comments

An arrest or conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol has some potentially serious consequences in the Keystone State. While your primary concern may be a possible jail sentence or fine, you may also have to contend with the loss of your driving privileges.

If you cannot drive legally, you may have trouble getting to work and supporting yourself and your family members. Fortunately, you may be eligible for an occupational limited license.

Driving for a specific purpose

Public policy dictates that individuals who want to work should be able to work. If you are facing a suspension of your driver’s license or have already received one because of a DUI arrest or conviction, an occupational limited license allows you to drive to and from work.

If you are a student, an occupational limited license may also allow you to continue to pursue your education.

Understanding your eligibility

If you qualify for an occupational limited license, you receive a special license to carry with you when you drive for permissible reasons. Unfortunately, though, some Pennsylvanians are not eligible for an occupational limited license.

If state officials have canceled, revoked or recalled your driver’s license, you probably cannot apply for an occupational limited license. The same is likely true if you have received another occupational limited license in the past five years or have never had a driver’s license.

Applying for an occupational limited license

Before the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation issues your occupational limited license, you must prove you have completed all requirements for restoration of your driving privileges. For a DUI-related suspension, these may include installing an ignition interlock device, providing proof of insurance coverage, paying fees or meeting other requirements.

Ultimately, while applying for an occupational license may require jumping through a few hoops, it may also help you keep your job.



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