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How can you plan for co-parenting over the summer?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2021 | Child Custody | 0 comments

As summer approaches, you may start to wonder what custody plans will look like for your children, especially once they are out of school.

Planning out a summer schedule can be mentally taxing if you and your ex-spouse struggle to get along. Avoid arguments over co-parenting by staying calm and communicating clearly.

Discuss it early

According to FindLaw, working out a plan before summer vacation officially starts is one way to prevent stress. Once the court approves of it, it becomes legally binding.

Discussing the arrangement honestly and directly with your ex-spouse can make this process easier. Plan a time to sit down and talk frankly about what you expect to happen in the next few months.

Think about the impact

When children stay at one parent’s home for the majority of the summer, they may naturally begin to miss the other parent during that time. Considering how this choice impacts your children emotionally is important.

This change in their daily schedule may cause them to worry and feel upset more often than usual. Since this is an adjustment from the typical custody schedule, do not take it personally if your child is more interested in seeing your ex-spouse than you.

Stay open and honest

If any problems arise, make sure to tell your ex-spouse about them as soon as possible. Failing to talk about possible vacation plans or purposefully not communicating with each other can lead to a tense relationship.

This is even more important during summertime, when you may not talk regularly or in person due to busy schedules.



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