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Penalties that can arise due to back child support

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Family Law | 0 comments

Whether you recently lost your job or you face financial uncertainty as a result of a health crisis, you need to make sure that you fulfill your obligations if you owe child support. Falling behind on child support can result in a number of penalties that have the potential to shatter your life, whether you want to obtain a passport or maintain the ability to drive.

If you worry about falling behind, go over your options. Some parents modify their child support options, and other strategies could help you stay current.

A look at child support enforcement

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services covers some of the strategies the state uses to enforce child support and push non-custodial parents to fulfill their obligations. For example, if a parent falls behind on support, they could lose their driver’s license as well as hunting or professional licenses. Property liens, intercepted lottery winnings and tax refund seizures also impact some parents who fall behind.

In fact, failing to pay child support can even interfere with one’s ability to receive workers’ compensation and personal injury awards.

Unpaid child support can lead to jail time

If you fail to pay child support, you could find yourself held in contempt of court. In some instances, this can lead to up to six months behind bars. Parents also face fines, the loss of their passport privileges and can have their names published in the paper as a result of back support.

In order to avoid these serious repercussions, make sure you stay current on support and identify solutions to prevent back child support from accruing.



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