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What are common mistakes mothers make during divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Family Law | 0 comments

Going through divorce is a difficult and trying process for just about anyone. Unfortunately, there are no cheat codes to get through the situation easier, either.

However, knowing what to expect and what mistakes to avoid can certainly make the process a little more streamlined.

Poor communication

Forbes takes a look at some of the mistakes mothers may make during divorce situations. Some of the top mistakes involve rushing communication, not having a flexible custody plan, using a custody plan for revenge, and not considering mediation rather than litigation.

Regarding communication, this is a simple one. It is hard to think clearly when overrun by emotions, especially when they are strong or largely negative. It is always best to make choices and have discussions in a clear state of mind.

Inflexible custody plans

Regarding custody plans, it is important to remember that children do not stay the same age forever. What worked well when the child was five may not necessarily still work at age ten, fifteen or so on. Be prepared to alter a custody plan to fit the child’s current needs and where they are in life at any given time.

Revenge is also not a good way to build a custody plan. While it may feel satisfying to get one over on an ex-partner, this could do damage to the child and may deprive them of having the support of two parents.

Going straight to court

Finally, mediation can save time, money, energy and also protect privacy in a way that litigation cannot. For those who can make it work, it serves as a great alternative to taking a case to court.



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