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The implications of dating before divorce are final

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2024 | Family Law | 0 comments

Deciding to date before a divorce is official remains a personal decision. One maintains the right to seek love elsewhere while the marriage is still legally intact.

However, divorcing people must understand what it means to look for a new partner during this delicate period. Jumping into another relationship can affect the outcomes of divorce proceedings and have other long-term consequences.

Impact on the legal process

In some states, having a romantic relationship before the completion of a divorce is technically adultery. Even in no-fault divorce states such as Pennsylvania, where the reason for the divorce does not impact the division of assets or alimony, the introduction of a new partner could still influence the proceedings. Family courts might weigh the presence of a new relationship when making decisions about child custody and the division of assets.

Financial matters

Starting a new relationship before a divorce is over can also have financial ramifications. For instance, if one party is spending money on their new partner, a judge may consider this a misuse of marital finances. Such actions could result in a less favorable division of assets or higher support payments. Additionally, if one party is living with someone new, this could affect alimony or spousal support.

Child custody and visitation

The effect on children is a topic of particular sensitivity. Courts focus on what is best for dependents. Introducing a new parental figure too soon can raise questions about the living environment’s suitability for little ones.

Privacy and negotiation

Dating before a divorce is complete can also upset the formation of agreements between parties. The presence of a new love interest may increase conflict and make forging amicable settlements more challenging. Furthermore, private details about the new relationship may become part of the divorce proceedings, thus leading to unnecessary tension.

Dating before a marriage is over has the potential to create complications. A better choice might be to put amorous desires on pause before diving back into the singles pool.



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